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Access Control Systems

Protecting your school, commercial or industrial business from unwanted and unknown visitors can be frustrating, time-consuming and costly. There are stringent regulations that need to be complied with, as well as constant technical updates associated with equipment and system capabilities. The great news is, here at RJ Wilson Fire and Security we create secure, cost-effective, fit-for-purpose commercial and industrial access control systems for the specific needs of organisations across the UK.

Unknown and unwanted visitors can severely impact any business or organisation, its operation, its people and those visitors themselves should there be an unintended accident or incident such as a fire. Finding the right security services provider to support you and offer expert advice is paramount to not only staying legal, but also operational and sustainable. With the enormous choice today of providers and products on the market, not to mention every evolving threats, new legislation and regulation affecting the decision-making process, it is not surprising that it can become confusing, frustrating, and timely to be an expert and manage these matters alone.

RJ Wilson offers a full turnkey service for the provision of secure door access security and control systems for businesses, schools, electrical contractors, and commercial premises.

Access Security & Industrial Secure Entry Systems

We are delighted to say that here at RJ Wilson, of Spalding in Lincolnshire, we offer a full turnkey service for secure commercial and industrial access control systems, across the South and East Midlands, South Yorkshire, Humberside and East Anglia for businesses, schools, electrical contractors, facilities managers and commercial premises.

As specialist providers of commercial and industrial access control systems across the UK, our fully compliant service includes full system design, installation, commission and maintenance. As access control system specialists, we have a proven track record, an experienced and talented team, and are committed to providing you with access systems tailored to your particular need - not our own - keeping your people, property and profit protected 24/7.

Our experienced Fire & Security Services team are available to have a 5-minute conversation about your business or organisation's access system needs – we're looking forward to meeting you - simply click and book today!


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Secure your building and keep people safe with an access control system

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Types of Access Control Systems

Access control systems control and regulate who has door access to a building, keeping your commercial premises more secure.

Our team of experienced designer and installers can work with you to ensure your team can access areas of your building when needed and restrict those that don’t.

In simple terms, an access control system can be applied to a physical point such as a door as a simple stand-alone system controlling one or two doors. Alternatively, it can be networked to cover an entire building or multiple buildings.

Standalone Access for Doors

A basic or standalone door access control system is a simple way to control one or two doors in a commercial premise and is not connected to any other systems.

This option suits smaller business premises or those with simple access requirements.

Networked Access Control

A networked access control system can be two or more doors networked over a building, several sites or geographically spread across the country/world. Organisations with multiple sites often benefit from a networked access control solution.

There are a number of solutions available for networked access control, our team can work with you to identify the best option for your commercial sites.

Access Control Solutions Support

No matter what type of industry you're in, there is often a need to provide secure access to buildings. Make sure you have the right access control system for your premises, with a regular monitoring and maintenance contract in place. 

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